Artist Spotlight – Suzette Gurtisen

As part of the beautification and visioning projects in Historic Downtown Prosser we’ve purchased 11 fiberglass ponies to be painted by local artists and placed throughout our historic downtown corridor. These ponies have been sponsored by local businesses, organizations and individuals.

We’d like to introduce you to the artists involved in this exciting project!


What do you like best about painting?

What I like best about painting is getting hands on with the medium.
Unlike digital art, I get to touch and move around the paint,
it becomes a much more personal experience.


What drew you to this project and what have you learned from this project?

My family has a long history in the town of Prosser, I saw this as an opportunity
to leave my mark as well. I learned that it’s always a challenge to
communicate artistic ideas between more than just the artist and commissioner;
but always trust in the artist.


What is something you want people to know about you? About your work?

I was born an artist, it is in my blood and is my ultimate passion.
My skill set widely ranges and I love to work with kids, mentoring online in my spare time.


Where can we find your art?

My art can be found under SUGU Illustration on Facebook, Instagram or on my website!


Be sure to get your tickets for the pony unveiling on February 8th.

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