Artist Spotlight – Tabitha Veiga

As part of the beautification and visioning projects in Historic Downtown Prosser we’ve purchased 11 fiberglass ponies to be painted by local artists and placed throughout our historic downtown corridor. These ponies have been sponsored by local businesses, organizations and individuals.

We’d like to introduce you to the artists involved in this exciting project!


My grandmother was an artist, and she had a paintbrush in my hand before some of my earliest memories. I think as soon as I could hold a brush or a pencil I was right along with her being creative. She is and always will be my biggest inspiration in the art world. Every project I do I know she’s right there with me.

My favorite thing about painting is that every time I paint something it’s always so much different than the piece I did before, because I am still learning. I’m still trying to find my niche and figure out what’s for me. There are just so many things you can do with art!

What drew me to this project was painting a horse sculpture. It’s so much harder to paint on something that you’re not exactly used to, which makes it a challenge. My grandma painted lots of pottery growing up, which made me excited to paint something the size of these painted ponies. This project reminded me of that! I’ve also learned that you can’t rush art. I have always been big on all the little details, and I had to refrain from those things during this project.

I am definitely not a realist artist, as much as I would love to be, I am very abstract! I am still very much trying to figure out what fits me in the art world. I have tried so many variations of art that it makes it hard for me to settle on just a few things, because I want to do them all! I love taking on projects, and I very much love lettering!

I have a pinterest board of artwork and projects I have done for all sorts of people. I also have a board of my work with flowers! I hope to one day own my own shop locally! The last weekend in September each year you can find me during the balloon rally. I’ll be downtown chalking up a masterpiece with other artists! That is something I absolutely look forward too every year! Also there is a children’s emergency room in Prosser Memorial Hospital that a team of students and I painted with our own handmade characters for the kids. There is a story book that we created with all of the characters to help kids feel better about being in the hospital. I hope to one day have my artwork downtown with some other artists in some of our local shops!

If you ever have a project for me you can reach me via email

Be sure to get your tickets for the pony unveiling on February 8th.

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