DAHP coming to visit Prosser

We have 2 special guests arriving to our town; Nicholas Vann and Michael Houser, from the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. On Thursday, April 12th from 9-11am they will share a public presentation in the Green Room, next to the Princess Theatre. The workshop will cover the basics of façade design, ways to improve façades without the huge cost, and some design guidelines that the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation would like to see followed when working on historic buildings. Conversely, they will also discuss things they’d prefer did not happen when updating buildings.

They will be giving some general information as well as talking specifically about a few possible projects and suggestions for some of the buildings that have owners who have inquired about our local façade improvement grant program.

DAHP is considered to be the expert agency in the state for these matters. The Washington Main Street program, of which Prosser is part of, is funded by the DAHP office and managed through a contract with the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. This is a statewide non-profit organization that also has expertise in matters pertaining to historic preservation. Through the Main Street program, Nicholas Vann and Michael Houser provide design assistance to property owners in Main Street communities such as Prosser statewide when they are considering making changes to their building façades.

We hope that you are able to attend!