Façade improvement and design

On Thursday April 12th we had guest speakers, Nicholas Vann and Michael Houser from the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP), come and speak to Prosser property owners and community members about façade improvements.  Historic Downtown Prosser currently has a façade improvement grant program which offers financial assistance for downtown business and property owners to update the façades of their buildings.

The workshop covered some fundamentals of historic preservation, the design process in general, and specific façade examples around Prosser that could benefit from repairs or minor alterations in order to make a more attractive, functional, and inviting storefront.

DAHP frequently provides technical assistance on matters pertaining to archaeology and historic preservation. The Washington Main Street program is funded by the DAHP office and managed through a contract with the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.  This is a statewide non-profit organization that also has expertise in matters pertaining to historic preservation. Through the Main Street program, DAHP provides design assistance to property owners in Main Street communities such as Prosser statewide when they are considering making changes to their building façades.

Historic Downtown Prosser is currently accepting applications for this year’s round of façade improvement grants. Applications are due to the Historic Downtown Prosser office at 1230 Bennett Avenue by June 1st. Click here for grant application.