Meet the Artist – Jayden Thornock

Our round 2 of Painted Ponies is nearing completion as the ponies are getting their clear coats on in preparation for their public unveiling SOON! We are excited to introduce our 9 artists that worked on this round of ponies. 

Jayden Thornock loves art, but has always been more drawn to a pencil and eraser. She became more interested in landscape and scenery which led her to the realization that painting brought a different feel that doesn’t come with dry media; the picture feels more alive with paint. 

Jayden has enjoyed watching others show their art and she has longed to do something more with her own abilities; possibly inspiring others to grow their talents. The support and encouragement from her parents to try something different pushed her to try this new, big project. 

Jayden’s main goal for her drawing and art right now is to grow and expand on the things she currently finds difficult. Nature and Japanese art have heavily influenced her art. She’s recently been looking at expanding her art experience into digital art. 

This project is Jayden’s first public piece. She is hoping it is the first of many projects that she is involved in with the community. She is looking forward to participating in the chalk art at the Caren Mercer-Andreasen Street Painting Festival in the fall. 

Thanks for sharing your talent with Historic Downtown Prosser Jayden!