Meet the Artist – Jennifer Potter

Our round 2 of Painted Ponies is nearing completion as the ponies are getting their clear coats on in preparation for their public unveiling SOON! We are excited to introduce our 9 artists who worked on this round of ponies. 

Jennifer Potter was interested in art and creatively expressing herself at a fairly young age. Her grandmother was a painter and she wanted to be like her and create. She enjoyed art in school, but hadn’t done much since, until recent years. 

Jennifer finds painting enjoyable and uses it to relieve stress. She also enjoys making wooden barn quilts and rustic wooden signs for decoration. Besides painting, she enjoys photography and pottery. 

Jennifer was interested in this project as a means to challenge herself with something three dimensional and large. She has lived in Prosser for many years and the idea of sharing something permanent and beautiful with the community sounded fun. 

Jennifer has been able to teach art to kids and has loved helping others to understand different forms and to express their own creativity. You can see some of Jennifer’s other artwork on her facebook page Barnwood and Stitches. 

Thanks for sharing your talent with Historic Downtown Prosser Jennifer!