Meet the Artist – Larelle Michener

Our round 2 of Painted Ponies is nearing completion as the ponies are getting their clear coats on in preparation for their public unveiling SOON! We are excited to introduce our 9 artists that worked on this round of ponies.

Larelle Michener has been painting most of her life, she cannot remember ever NOT doing it. Her mom has some unidentifiable water colors marked as 15 and 18 months old!

Larelle likes the give and take between the artist, the brush and the paint. It rarely turns out exactly as you envisioned, but the variables can be just as interesting! 

Larelle participated in the first round of Painted Ponies, and loved being a part of bringing more art to our downtown. She believes it is important for every community to celebrate art, and this is a really unique way to do it in Prosser! 

A year ago, Larelle took a leap of faith and decided to make art, in various forms, her career. In that year, she went to graphic design school in Australia, which was an amazing experience. Now she’s freelancing as a graphic designer. She also continues to draw and paint. 

You can find Larelle’s work in downtown on her first pony, “Photo Finish” and the book mural on Meade Avenue next to the Green Room. Her portfolio of Graphic Design work and Community Art projects can be viewed at

Thanks for sharing your talent with Historic Downtown Prosser Larelle!