Meet the Artist – Lauren Martin

Our round 2 of Painted Ponies is nearing completion as the ponies are getting their clear coats on in preparation for their public unveiling SOON! We are excited to introduce our 9 artists that worked on this round of ponies.

Lauren Martin began to paint as soon as her mom placed the washable Crayola paint in front of her with a large piece of paper; probably around 3 or 4 years old. During preschool, painting was her favorite activity and her preschool picture book has many of her at the easel. 

Lauren loves that in painting, everyone has their own style. Everyone starts with a blank canvas and ends up with their own unique work. She likes that you can often identify an artist by their style. 

While Lauren does enjoy drawing and painting; her preferred medium is floral design! She prefers to use nature and show off the beauty that is given to us day to day. 

If you’re looking to see Lauren’s work, check out Beaverblooms on Instagram where she shares floral arrangements she has made. She is currently in the process of growing her own flowers with the future goal of a business in the future.

Thanks for sharing your talent with Historic Downtown Prosser Lauren!