Project Plans at the Depot

We are in the planning stages of a large-scale project that will enhance the train depot campus and allow for more use of the public, outdoor space by community members and visitors to Prosser as well as interior alterations that will make better use of the building as the visitor’s center.

Our overarching project goals include four (4) phases. Phase 1 involves removing the deck that surrounds the Depot. The newly created space will be leveled and replaced with brick to expand the current courtyard, essentially doubling the usable space for outdoor gatherings. We have finished phase 1 and have been able to utilize the Depot Square for Sip & Stroll 2022 and plan to host the Art Walk and Wind Gala here in July. In Phase 2 we will do bathroom upgrades, and give a refresh to the outside bathrooms. Phase 3 involves interior renovation that will include an additional entrance on the south side of the Depot and adding an ADA restroom. Finally, in Phase 4 we plan to install interpretive, educational, and historically accurate signage around the campus as well as purchase a Penny Press unique to the railroad history of Prosser. Along with building a unique, upcycled pergola utilizing the recovered metal rails salvaged from nearby 7th Street construction. This adds historic charm with upcycled elements creating an exceptional multi-use outdoor space, as well as a visually appealing addition to the courtyard.

We have strong community involvement through partnerships with the Chamber, the Benton County Museum & Historical Society, the City of Prosser, Miss Prosser Advisory Committee, Prosser EDA, City council members, and other local businesses and community members. These partners are collaborators and supporters of making the Visitor Center and outdoor space more functional and communal. This project would inspire community collaboration, in-person event planning, and a more robust and equitable central location for our community. The City of Prosser donated the reclaimed railway that will be upcycled to build the pergola. We have volunteers ready to assist in any capacity and we recently received a $10,000 grant from BNSF, and Edgar Whitehead, along with a $25,000, façade improvement grant from Historic Downtown Prosser and $1500 from Northwest Farm Credit toward this project. We are working on other funding opportunities and are awaiting news on multiple grant applications. Want to donate? Contact us for more information!