Weekend Getaway to Prosser


An acquaintance recently purchased a weekend destination experience at a benefit auction in the Seattle area.

The destination? Prosser!

The experience? A backyard barbecue on Friday night followed by a pre-arranged and chauffeured winery tour on Saturday.

Accommodation, restaurant and activity suggestions were made, but arrangements were up to the couple.

I received excellent feedback after the weekend and asked the couple for a few specifics that I could share at large.

This is a glimpse at a weekend spent in Prosser, broken down by the dollars invested while being a tourist, enjoying the social scene.

Two night stay in historic downtown Mercer accommodations:          $369

Downtown shopping on miscellaneous items upon arrival Friday:      $129

Saturday morning coffee and pastries at Brewminatti:                            $ 18

Saturday morning at the Farmers Market:                                                 $ 40

Purchases at 6 different wineries while touring:                                      $379

Dinner at Horse Heaven Saloon Saturday night:                                      $124

Tank of gas to head home over the mountains on Sunday:                   $ 55

A total of 48 hours spent in our community and in that time a total of $1,114 was spent at local venues. When asked if they’d do anything differently, they expressed the wish for more time to visit even more wineries.

We are currently working out details for their next weekend getaway to Prosser!